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Clinic Voices Storytelling Project

Explore inspiring stories of the work being completed by our member clinics. Feel free to share any photos, quotes, or blog posts on your social media. 

Last week the Ohio Senate approved an increase to our line item 440431. As the budget moves to the final desks of the Conference Committee and Governor this week, we at the Charitable Healthcare Network want to thank the Ohio General Assembly’s efforts to improve Ohioan’s access to health care and ask for the $1.5 million appropriation for Free Clinic Safety Net Services to be maintained.

“It’s all because of you guys, cause I didn’t have any insurance and I didn’t know where I would go. But you took care of me.”

Beyond receiving care, Maria and Rus are thrilled they “can give something back” to the students through education. Rus explained that the student-run free clinic is “a two-way partnership. The clinic helps the patient and the patient helps the clinical experience for the doctors to be.”

Karen initially came to LCFC feeling defeated and depressed, but instead, at the end of her appointments, she said, ‘Today I feel optimistic. Today I have hope.’

You might have to wait a little bit longer, but at least you’re getting seen by people and know you’ll be helped.

‘The Clinic changed my life and my attitude toward the medical profession. The care and attention I received were remarkable. The staff took the time to listen and answer my questions.’ - John B

The dream of opening a free clinic started years before Pallavi became the assistant clinic chief at the SOAR NEO Medical School Free Clinic but remains central to her career path.

“If it weren't for a place like this, I probably wouldn't be alive”, shares Levine with much gratitude. We met Levine at Midlothian Free Clinic in Youngstown, Ohio. Originally from Ohio, Levine just returned from living in Wisconsin where he had moved for a job. As Levine has learned, life comes at you fast and often changes your plans.

“It’s a two-way partnership. The clinic helps the patient and the patient helps the clinical experience for the doctors to be.”

I think knowing the patients, their histories, and knowing what we do with the little that we have makes it worth while working here.

Open M really makes you feel confident that they are just as professional as a regular doctor’s office. They are more thorough here than at other doctors I’ve been to and they seem to really care.

It opened my eyes to the realization that these are just regular people that maybe have fallen on hard times and maybe just need some help.

Thank you to the Spring OAFC VISTA Members!

The Breathing Bus has helped me live my life normally.

My insurance is worthless. The clinic has been a savior.

My premiums, i just couldn't afford them. That's what brought me here.

Anytime I call, they're right here for me.

New patients at Helping Hands Free Clinic are greeted by warm, friendly volunteers who register them at the clinic. Lois, is a familiar face to staff and patients of Helping Hands Free Clinic.

I was referred to the clinic because I hadn’t had insurance for a couple years and was unemployed when I had pain for six months and I discovered that I had a hole in my lower wisdom tooth.

With no insurance and a limp in his walk, Glenn bounced around from doctor’s office to doctor's office “getting raked over the coals” without receiving quality care that he could afford.

I would like them to know, don’t be afraid to come. Don’t be too proud because it says free. Don’t be afraid to know more about yourself and the services that this place offers.

At OPEN M, patients receive the tools they need achieve personal goals. Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to treatment, OPEN M offers a variety of programs.

I struggled with feeling like I was taking a handout.

We’re excited to announce the kick-off our new blog! Here you will find the heart warming, inspiring stories created every day in our clinics.

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