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Interns bring new ideas and experiences to our organization.

Social Media and Communications Intern

- Assisting staff in communication efforts through social media activities, distributed newsletters, and other updates provided to membership
- Evaluating effectiveness of current social media communications plan and making adjustments and improvements as needed to develop a sustainable, effective system
- Developing a contact database of press and media relations by region
- Researching best practices and then develop a sustainable organizational system for maintaining most up to date contact information for member clinics
- Promoting and managing social media fundraising campaigns run by the Columbus Foundation and

Strong knowledge regarding outreach, email communication, social media; available 16-24 hours per week (minimum) from September to April.

To apply:
Send complete application and a copy of your resume to Beth at OAFC - CHN or fax to her attention at 614-914-6520 by August 31, 2018 at 5:00pm .m.

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